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Welcome to Wine Yatra
So, while you are here, let us take you on a Yatra (a Sanskrit word for journey) through the recherché world of Wine. Let us begin with some basics...

What is Wine? -- A dictionary would define Wine as an alcoholic beverage (usually with 10-15% alcohol) made of fermented juice of fruits or berries, mostly grapes. Well, having said that, the dictionary definition is not all-inclusive. There are plenty of other definitions, some arguable and some not so arguable. For example, a wine lover could name wine anything from "nector of gods" to "something that exhilarates or stupefies". However, a wine snob would define a fine wine as a drink with a body, nose, character, and much more. It would be best if we leave this for you to decide, how you want to define your wine. In our opinion there is no general definition of wine. Each and every wine is unique and should be defined individually for its qualities. Without wasting much time let us ramble further and discuss a little about wine types.

Wine Types -- Classifying wines is also a complex subject. Broadly (or rather vaguely) speaking wines can be classified either as per their color or grapes or taste or producing region or a combination of these. For example, red, white or rosé; dry, medium or sweet; fortified or sparkling etc. This classification is by no means exhaustive and there is much more to wine categorization. However, we will ignore geeky bits at the minute to keep novice readers interested. We encurage advanced readers to explore our other pages to find what interests them more. And now, let us tell you why you should be developing wine as one of your interests or in other words why you should be drinking wine.

Why Drink Wine? -- We will not recommend you drinking wine because it reduces cholesterol, help building better bones, and prevent blood-sugar. We also don't believe that drinking a little wine makes your heart stronger and increses longevity. We love wine because of its diversity and rich history. A good wine is full of character and is capable of providing you with a very different and wholesome experience. Drinking wine is a pleasure as well as a challenge. It tickles your physical senses and provokes you to unwind the subtle hints of taste and smell. The good news is all this come from a 100% natural resource - grapes.

Well, you decide! But keep in mind the good old spanish proverb: El agua para los bueyes; el vino para los reyes -- which means -- water for oxen; wine for Kings.

Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2007, 11:26 PM

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